Protect your local food business with Liability Insurance

When running a food business, you need to be sure that any unexpected accidents will not adversely affect your business. That is why it is important to insure your company against various events that can seriously damage the company's reputation, finances and even lead to bankruptcy.

Accidents happen, you can’t prevent everything

We hope nothing bad happens when running your business, however, accidents do happen, as much as you ensure you provide a safe environment for your customers there is always the possibility that a customer could injure themselves on your property or you are unable to trade due to fire, theft or flood. You are constantly exposed to events that could lead to serious claims.

RISK - when your risk is properly reviewed, your insurance can be tailored to the company or individual needs. This is why it is worth seeking a specialist's advice. We can help you choose and adjust your insurance requirements to suit your needs, protecting you and your company.

What do you need for best protection?

Professional Insurance Agents Ltd recommend three basic liability insurances for companies running small food businesses:

Public Liability

This insurance covers you for the cost of a claim made by a client or a member of the public that has suffered injury or property damage as a result of your business or a product it has supplied.

Employers Liability

This is a legal requirement and brings substantial fines if you do not have a policy in place. (If you employ anyone even on a part time basis).

Product Liability

This is a type of commercial cover designed to protect against claims of injury or damage resulting from a product sold by your business.

PIA can offer all three of these insurances as well as Business Interruption (insurance against loss of income as a result of discontinuation of activity) and Property Insurance (building). You may wish to also consider additional insurance, such as Business Contents Insurance.

Please note that it’s important to review your policy wordings to see exactly what is and what isn’t covered.

Call us and find out more about insurance for companies in the food industry. Here at Professional Insurance Agents Ltd, you will receive good quality, expert advice with a quick quote turnaround and competitive prices.

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